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  • The Blue House


    Making time to work in the studio and trying out my “Ben Franklin” schedule. Rise at 5:45 a.m., work on the computer until noon, lunch and then head to the studio. Work until 6pm or so. I have a feeling Ben didn’t also have to make time to go grocery shopping, clean, cook and maybe…

  • Tear-Down on Wilson Ave.

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    Recently completed, Wilson Tear Down, oil on wood, 12×12″.  Will be added to the show at Beans and Bagels if dry next week!

  • The Fine Art of Sales (or, leading a horse to water)

    “I don’t care if I sell my work. I just give it away…” Overhearing this statement is like listening to the apartment below me being remodeled, on a Saturday morning, to accompany my slight second-hand cigarette smoke induced headache. I am, at this moment, enjoying the whir of the circular saw. The day is heating…

  • Painting in Oils: New Work


    [portfolio_slideshow size=large autoplay=false random=false centered=true carousel=true navstyle=graphical navpos=top pagerstyle=thumbs pagerpos=bottom] Painting over a painting that wasn’t going anywhere. Good to be back in the saddle again. Watercolor is fine but you just can’t get the intensity of  these night/electric light scenes unless using oils.

  • Southport El Platform

      [portfolio_slideshow size=large autoplay=false random=false centered=true carousel=true navstyle=graphical navpos=top pagerstyle=thumbs pagerpos=bottom] Returning to the studio after some period of neglect is just like an athlete returning to training after being sedentary. Gestural strokes are hard: my forearm is weak and my endurance for more than 2 or 3 hours at the studio is pathetic. But,…

  • New watercolors on their way to Amsterdam!

    (Note: If you are naturally social and well-coiffed you might not get this initial reference…but bear with me.) You know how if you have to go to a party or wedding and you look in your closet to find it is stocked with nothing but euro track suits and pajamas…? I kinda felt like that when a…

  • Wabash Morning

    I took the photo for this painting around 2008 but didn’t have the space to work on it at home. Once I started working in a studio again (at the Cornelia Arts Building) I could finally attempt it. You can see that once I got past the first stage of blocking in stuff – the…

  • Spring Open House – Friday, May 13th


    The Cornelia Spring Open House is a free, casual, fun art experience. Visit local artists in their working studios – over 25 artists participating. Friday, May 13th from 6-10pm. In progress for the past year but I am aiming to complete Wabash Morning (nicknamed “The Monstrosity” because it is taking so long to complete) before…

  • Facebook Portrait Project


    The project has commenced! First going through images that have been submitted to me. I will also be sending some messages out to people requesting permission to immortalize them. All images will be added to a FB photo gallery on my artist page. Please submit comments and feedback there too!

  • Profile Pic Portrait Project


    The Idea As a painter, making a self-portrait is both a critical and creative exercise. The self-portrait allows the artist to get back to painting basics, explore new techniques or psychological aspects of the self, and (if its any good) come out with a painting that clearly exhibits Myself as a Painter. Technology has democratized…