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  • Night scene in a shopping center

    In anticipation of the holiday down-time, I primed several canvases with an oil-based primer around Thanksgiving. Its completely toxic (next time, a mask) but the best surface to work on. Its one of those shopping centers you see all along the main streets, with a dry-cleaners, chinese take out, pizza hut and 7/11. This one…

  • Book of collected watercolors published

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    Feast your eyes on my collected watercolors from 2009-2010. 26 pages, full-color, premium matte paper. Emily Rapport by Emily Rapport | Make Your Own Book

  • Summertime


    [7/19] Just finished the watercolor I started Saturday. Still looking forward to doing it in oils – not that one medium is “better”,  just better at accomplishing certain things. I want those darks to be saturated and heavy – got to get that humid, portentous atmosphere. [7/17] Working on this today after finishing up most…

  • Painting the Neighbors

    This is what happens when I hang out with Oscar on the porch instead of filling my time with “things to do” like errands and cleaning. Oscar’s way is much more relaxing. I might just spend the whole weekend away from my desk…

  • Painting Winnemac Park

    Working from a photo taken last summer that reminded me of one of the photos in the William Eggleston show in the Modern Wing of AIC. A similar palette of purples and greens; dusk, uncertainty – the little girl is holding a stick – petulant and bored, violent. Maybe. Some new progress paintings from the…

  • Get Thee to Thy Studio

    Far too many weeks have gone by without a studio interlude. It’s easy to lose perspective when you (or I) am stuck on the hamster wheel of project deadlines, laundry, cooking, cleaning and everything else that we “have” to do to maintain our present state of comfort. I do feel a slight guilt at being…

  • “Jarvis Street” and new watercolors ready for CAB Open House!


    Just completed the picture from last week. This painting and several new watercolors will be on view at the Cornelia Arts Building Open House, Friday, March 12th, 6-10pm.

  • New watercolors, scenes from Chicago

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    I’ve completed a few new watercolors in the past week and am getting ready for the Cornelia Arts Building Open House, Friday, March 12th. It is free and there will be lots of great looking art to see, all mediums and styles, and I highly recommend you join us! When I saw this scene I…

  • Shoo Bazaar, Broadway

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  • Burger King (revisited)

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    A new painting, at last! I had painted this scene about 7 years ago, but cropped and with different figures. It is interesting to revisit the old problems and see how I worked things out before – what changes in importance. It’s still hard to paint circles, by jove. You can see the older Burger…

  • “2-Story City,” a collaborative exhibit for Chicago Artists’ Month

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    October is Illinois Humanities Month and also marks the annual celebration of Chicago Artists’ Month. Coordinated by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, the month-long event features hundreds of neighborhood art walks, art exhibits and happenings across the city. 2-Story City     Emily Rapport and Andrew Steiner are the two Chicago artists behind a…

  • “New Cleaners”

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    This is the dry cleaner opposite the bus-stop on Damen Ave. and Grace. Sign painting is like surgery; you’ve got to have a steady hand and complete confidence in where you’re going with that loaded brush. I have not mastered sign painting – but – neither am I a sign painter. (Previous Shot)

  • “Drive-thru”, Wendy’s on Lawrence Ave., Chicago

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    This painting relates to the fast-food joints I’ve done in the past and I have a few more I’d like to do. I have a good shot of “Church’s” I took while in Louisiana and there are some pretty awesome all-night spots here in Chicago.

  • Portrait of Andrew Steiner

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    A new portrait. This is from a photo I took of my friend Andrew outside of Trader Joe’s. He has a very masculine presence that was fun to work with – I exaggerated the brutish quality in his hand but the attitudinous glare is all Andy.

  • House on Damen

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    I think it’s finished. The iron gate is probably the least accurate drawing part – but accuracy isn’t everything. Next on the docket – another portrait- I think. Details: oil/canvas, 30″ x 40″