In Conversation: Francis Zaander speaks with Vicki Schneider about his work

Saturday, March 12, 3 -5PM, in the Gallery (ARCHIVED)

We are pleased to present A Conversation with Francis Zaander in the gallery. Francis Zaander presented a short film describing his process and discussed his work with writer Vicki Schneider.

“Workshop,” Video short, 9min, created by Franics Zaander

In Conversation

Francis Zaander speaks with Vicki Schneider about his process and work on view in “Field Guide to North American Happiness”.

Featured Artist

Francis Zaander, Artist/Musician

Francis Zaander was born in St. Charles, Illinois, in 1984. He received his BFA from the University of Iowa in 2003. In addition to his visual art, he also creates video and performance works which can be viewed on his website at Francis Zaander currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.

Author & Interviewer

Vicki Schneider
Vicki Schneider, Writer

Vicki Schneider is a writer whose interests include painting, literary analysis, and memoir writing. Notable projects include Museum! during which she spent one year visiting museums throughout the world, interviewing people about their experiences with art and the exhibit La clarté intime de la terre about the art of Auguste Pointellin, for which she did research at Le Musée de Beaux Arts in Dole, France. A retired French teacher, she now shares her time between Chicago and a small village in Tuscany, Italy.