Faces of the 47th Ward

Closing Reception: October 5th from 7-9pm at the 47th Ward Office. Stop by, meet and mingle.

WTTW Chicago Tonight Story about Ameya Pawar highlights OpenWall! Ash-har Quraishi profiles Ameya Pawar of the 47th Ward and he gives a shout out to OpenWall.

Visit the 47th Ward Office of Alderman Ameya Pawar, relax and bring your art-loving friends! Revolving exhibition of local artists. Featuring work by:

Andrew Steiner
Ann Ponce
Bill Bartelt
Bill Moran
Emily Rapport
Hiroshi Ariyama
Hugh Spector
Jane Rickard
Larry Zgoda
Mary H. Phelan
Meredith Dytch
Nico Camargo
Patricia Larkin Green