New watercolors on their way to Amsterdam!

(Note: If you are naturally social and well-coiffed you might not get this initial reference…but bear with me.)

You know how if you have to go to a party or wedding and you look in your closet to find it is stocked with nothing but euro track suits and pajamas…? I kinda felt like that when a friend from Cooper Union (Collegiate connections not a myth? Alright!) invited myself and some former alums to exhibit with him in Amsterdam this Summer and I realized I have absolutely nothing to show (that can be mailed)!

I guess I have to make new art…

Yellow house
Fresh from the studio: Yellow House, 10.5 x 14.5in, watercolor/arches
Damen Sunset
Completed today!!! Damen Sunset, watercolor/arches, 10.5 x 14.5

Having never traveled past Canada, this is very exciting. I have read of the World and seen it on TV – very glad that at least my art will get to experience it and come back with some grit and debris from the Old World. Or, old world money. Thank you Leo Kogan for thinking of us and creating this exhibit and opportunity.

You can view Leo’s work at: and discover just what is happening in visual art today…