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  1. Things have changed since you wrote this to the extent that the commercial vitality has come to a standstill. Just across the Metra tracks from my studio building a condo was started and then stopped mid-construction with just brick walls and no roof. The 2by4s are starting to warp from exposure to the elements. I’m thinking there will be “openings” for artists in the various commerical buildings that have come to an economic standstill within the year because the landlords will be open to negotiated deals.

  2. That’s true – it could really be an opportunity to develop alternatives that benefit artists and landlords. New Orleans and some other places in Massachusettes and Rhode Island have planned artist communities. In New Orleans, it is a city run program that creates cultural districts – there are rules and requirements too. It would be nice if there were an organization (formerly known as ArtWalkRavenswood, ahem) that could represent and negotiate for artists. The only way to secure anything of permanence is to work together …

    It is important for artists to also educate the community about the value of what they do and the fact that they are members of their community. To leave their studios and talk to people. I know that the existence of artists in Ravenswood was news to the Ravenswood Industrial Council. Even the Ravenswood Community Council and Alderman’s Office seemed to have some fixed idea of the artist as a parasite – they wanted us to prove that we “gave back” to the community by working on art programs in local schools rather than (selfishly) creating art. It’s interesting.

    • Well, its been really difficult to find a balance between artwork, job and life. I didn’t paint for about a year and a half. Recently, I just got tired of waiting for the right time and generally work on the paintings in the evening. I work at home as a designer so that makes it easier to determine my own schedule – but the income aspect of self-employment is still a troubling issue. The short answer is, you make the time.

  3. I’m glad you took out the car. I’ve always thought this Wendy’s had a desolate feel, and w/the car being gone it captured that more.

    On a personal note, this is my fave place to go when I was scrapping for change and needed a quick bite to eat. Well, that and Budacki’s.

  4. You’re right, text is difficult; we have a tendency to read it before we process the visuals; that’s why I’ve stopped putting labels next to my work when I exhibit it, people read and walk on. As for any kind of text in my non-objective work, people read rather than see it as a visual. In your case the text needs to “follow” the rules of fitting into a visual pattern that we expect to see in a more realistic type of work. You did good.

  5. So happy for you. Each time you put yourself out there you create a possible opportunity. You never know. Being chosen is always a good thing!

  6. This is really well written. I’m totally onboard with you about people forgetting about the spritual value of art and becoming too focused on whether it has an immediate value as a somehow usable commodity.

  7. I think the other painting was lonelier. This is lighter and more alive. There’s more perspective and movement. Definately like it.

  8. This is good. Large yellow train support near the meter divides the picture. Soft pastelly streaks on the road soften it. Same with soft pastelly mass in the foreground. Hooded figures on the left anchor it. Light on the right hovers over car, sort of like a guardian angel. Lots of little items in this but watercolor has the effect of preventing over detailing.