creative process

Night scene in a shopping center

Foster Mall, in progress
Foster Mall, in progress

In anticipation of the holiday down-time, I primed several canvases with an oil-based primer around Thanksgiving. Its completely toxic (next time, a mask) but the best surface to work on.

Its one of those shopping centers you see all along the main streets, with a dry-cleaners, chinese take out, pizza hut and 7/11. This one is on Lawrence Ave. just below Western. Most of the stores are vacant – just a dry-cleaner seen here… although there is a bustling 7/11 to the West.

This is still a warm up for me (after many months of dedicated computer design stuff) – I have to re-do the 40 x 60″ monstrosity I started a year ago, its compressed layers of people, buildings and el tracks need lots of work.