Profile Pic Portrait Project

The Idea

Self-portrait with an eye towards future improvements, oil/canvas, © 2004/5 Emily Rapport

As a painter, making a self-portrait is both a critical and creative exercise. The self-portrait allows the artist to get back to painting basics, explore new techniques or psychological aspects of the self, and (if its any good) come out with a painting that clearly exhibits Myself as a Painter. Technology has democratized the art of the self-portrait, providing the means of production and distribution, so that any one of us can now participate in creating images of ourselves for public consumption. The representation of our Public Selves is proof of our place in the world, a momentary document of how we see ourselves or how we wish to be seen. Through this process, conscious or not, we are establishing and monitoring the verity of our existence.

I will begin a series of  portrait paintings based on Facebook profile pics (And I will start with those submissions I received so long ago!). With users consent I will acquire the informal, momentary and insubstantial digital images and reinterpret them as oil portraits.

How to become immortalized:

More in-depth thinking about portraiture:
Vicki’s ideas about the meaning and impact of portraiture are the impetus for this project. Check out Vicki Schneider’s blog to read about her observations of the Portrait.

The Fine Print

Submitting an image or link signifies your intent to grant me the right to create derivative works (a painting and reproductions of that painting) based on your profile picture. All rights belong to the artist.