Artist Emily Rapport explores the “architecture of place” in her first solo exhibition of paintings at Firecat Projects.

Damen Ave Nocturne, 50×60″, oil/canvas

The exhibition, titled “Subject to Change: Urban Landscape and the Architecture of Place,” is both a documentary archive of a neighborhood undergoing physical and demographic shifts, and a painterly narrative that finds moments of sublime beauty in construction site debris and frozen mud tracks.

Through her ongoing documentation of the changing urban landscape, Emily paints familiar neighborhood scenes with an emphasis on house portraits. Emily’s paintings offer a reflective view of the city. The external structures of houses are weatherworn and imbued with the character of their current/former owners. Reflections in water or windows are evocative of internal, possibly transformative, processes. Deconstructed and wrapped in Tyvek sheeting, the surrounding earth imprinted with tracks of heavy machinery, dirt and debris, we see an elemental struggle as the former structure is broken apart and built up again in paint. Seen together these ordinary neighborhood scenes coalesce to create an expressive vision of a distinctly American landscape.

“Subject to Change: Urban Landscape and the Architecture of Place”
Signed by the artist!
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36 full-color pages, 8.5 x 11″, soft cover
Includes foreword by Vicki Schneider, closes with essay by Emily Rapport.