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  • Get Thee to Thy Studio

    Far too many weeks have gone by without a studio interlude. It’s easy to lose perspective when you (or I) am stuck on the hamster wheel of project deadlines, laundry, cooking, cleaning and everything else that we “have” to do to maintain our present state of comfort. I do feel a slight guilt at being…

  • New watercolors, scenes from Chicago

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    I’ve completed a few new watercolors in the past week and am getting ready for the Cornelia Arts Building Open House, Friday, March 12th. It is free and there will be lots of great looking art to see, all mediums and styles, and I highly recommend you join us! When I saw this scene I…

  • “New Cleaners”

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    This is the dry cleaner opposite the bus-stop on Damen Ave. and Grace. Sign painting is like surgery; you’ve got to have a steady hand and complete confidence in where you’re going with that loaded brush. I have not mastered sign painting – but – neither am I a sign painter. (Previous Shot)

  • Rockwell Station, Winter Scene

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    Fresh off the easel. A painting I started over a year ago and had to scrap once I realized it needed to be painted on a larger canvas (this one is 38″ x 60″). Sometimes, you just have to start back at the beginning.

  • Portrait of Denise

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    Recently completed portrait commission based on a family photo.