• The Palace Of Lost Footsteps Art Gallery

    Friday night art showing featuring artwork by Karen Tisel, Emily Rapport, Andrew Steiner, Leo Kogan & John Forbes. Where: 1325 W. 18th Street , Downtown Pilsen When: Friday, February 10th, 1-night only, 6-10pm View Larger Map

  • New watercolors on their way to Amsterdam!

    (Note: If you are naturally social and well-coiffed you might not get this initial reference…but bear with me.) You know how if you have to go to a party or wedding and you look in your closet to find it is stocked with nothing but euro track suits and pajamas…? I kinda felt like that when a…

  • SICK! Leo Kogan Project Space, Amsterdam

    SICK! is a multi-disciplinary international group show featuring: Inga Cholmogorova (Vilnius/Amsterdam) Charlie Citron (Amsterdam) Thomas Draschan (Vienna/Berlin) Eric Fertman (New York) Ryan Foley (Philadelphia) Grady Gerbracht (New York) Annelien Kers (Amsterdam) Eric Knoote (Amsterdam) Leo Kogan (Amsterdam/Los Angeles) Carlos Little (New York) Max Miller (New York) Manfred Peckl (Berlin) Emily Rapport (Chicago) Kim Reinhardt (New…

  • Wabash Morning

    I took the photo for this painting around 2008 but didn’t have the space to work on it at home. Once I started working in a studio again (at the Cornelia Arts Building) I could finally attempt it. You can see that once I got past the first stage of blocking in stuff – the…

  • Spring Open House – Friday, May 13th


    The Cornelia Spring Open House is a free, casual, fun art experience. Visit local artists in their working studios – over 25 artists participating. Friday, May 13th from 6-10pm. In progress for the past year but I am aiming to complete Wabash Morning (nicknamed “The Monstrosity” because it is taking so long to complete) before…

  • Facebook Portrait Project


    The project has commenced! First going through images that have been submitted to me. I will also be sending some messages out to people requesting permission to immortalize them. All images will be added to a FB photo gallery on my artist page. Please submit comments and feedback there too!

  • Profile Pic Portrait Project


    The Idea As a painter, making a self-portrait is both a critical and creative exercise. The self-portrait allows the artist to get back to painting basics, explore new techniques or psychological aspects of the self, and (if its any good) come out with a painting that clearly exhibits Myself as a Painter. Technology has democratized…

  • Wabash painting revisited

    I started this painting a year ago … and then things (life) happened and I never found time to get myself to the studio. It has some issues that made returning to it an unpleasant task. Layers of the older painting are totally dry now so reworking is impossible and some of the drawing was…

  • Addison Rooftops

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    Making time for the studio a success! Much better than complaining about not having time to paint. Check out the posts below to see how this painting progressed. Also, finally figured out that I had my exposure setting way too low on my camera and that was why everything was so dark! Will re-shoot next…

  • Winter Scene, Day 2