Wabash Morning

Wabash MorningI took the photo for this painting around 2008 but didn’t have the space to work on it at home. Once I started working in a studio again (at the Cornelia Arts Building) I could finally attempt it. You can see that once I got past the first stage of blocking in stuff – the painting dissipated into a labored and convoluted mess.

I realized that since I couldn’t work in long stretches at the studio this picture could only be done in sections. Sometimes paintings are fluid and happen easily – other times – they are like this.

I see now that for paintings this complicated a grid (on the photo and the canvas) would have been a good idea. Also, an oil ground – and some color. As Marion Kryczka says, “White (as a painting background) is oppressive.”

See the final work at the Cornelia Open House, Friday, May 13th, from 6-10pm!

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